At Work

Step by Step

Our Process Visualized

Washington Office Interiors, LLC’s expertise includes a range of software platforms, including AutoCAD, Giza/2020; CAP/2020, CET, Visual Impression/Rendering, Powerpoint, Publisher and more.

  • Initial Consultation

    Meeting to review space, measure, and discuss concept

  • Space Planning

    Develop 2-D floor plan built around concepts discussed during initial consultation

  • Selection of FF&E

    Review selection of fabrics, finishes, and products

  • Render

    Develop 3-D hidden line and 3-D color renderings based on selected finishes

  • Finalization

    Produce cost proposal, receive, deliver, and install project.

Available Renderings

Here you can download and view some pre-designed typicals to begin the process of envisioning your new office space! Additional customizations are always available. Please inquire further for pricing or additional details

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